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Pornography: Feels Good to be Filthy

                Now we like to run a good, wholesome, family-friendly blog here at MindDrip.  So, no graphic descriptions or images are included in this post.  In what is by far the most heavily researched article to appear on this blog so far, guest writer and renowned porn expert Boondock dives headfirst into the ins and outs of the porn industry.  We assume Mr. Boondock has put aside hours upon hours since somewhere around the age of twelve to research this article.  Without further delay, we’ll let Mr. Porn himself get on with his article, which is long enough to be a novel: Continue reading

Proposed Holidays

If I were in charge, the following days would be fully-recognized, widely-celebrated holidays.  Businesses and schools would be closed, the government would shut down, people would gather with family and friends, and there’d be big cookouts with lots of alcohol.  I already celebrate some of the holidays on this list myself, but it would be much more fun if I could celebrate all of them, especially if lots of other people were doing the same.  They are listed in chronological order. Continue reading

TV Guide

For MindDrip’s latest installment, MF Brown and I discuss our favorite TV shows.  As for my list, the ranking is not intended to be objective in any way.  It merely reflects my own tastes and opinions as they relate to that omnipresent instrument of contemporary culture, the television.  I admit there are probably dozens of good shows I’ve never seen (most importantly The Wire, which I will eventually watch), either because they were before my time, or simply because there isn’t enough time.  That’s the problem with TV, isn’t it?  So entertaining.  So alluring. So addictive.  Yet, for the most part, such a colossal waste of time.

Continue reading