TV Guide

For MindDrip’s latest installment, MF Brown and I discuss our favorite TV shows.  As for my list, the ranking is not intended to be objective in any way.  It merely reflects my own tastes and opinions as they relate to that omnipresent instrument of contemporary culture, the television.  I admit there are probably dozens of good shows I’ve never seen (most importantly The Wire, which I will eventually watch), either because they were before my time, or simply because there isn’t enough time.  That’s the problem with TV, isn’t it?  So entertaining.  So alluring. So addictive.  Yet, for the most part, such a colossal waste of time.

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The Real US Role in the Arab Spring

Over the past week, many members of the media and the public at large have been calling on the Obama Administration to re-consider, or at least re-explain, the strategy behind their intervention in Libya.

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Summer Movie Preview 2011

The summer is typically a good time if you’re a film admirer.  Many of the biggest blockbusters come out and it’s the time of the year that Hollywood makes the most money.  MindDrip is as excited as anyone to see what those geniuses in Hollywood have come up with and here is our preview of the summer flicks.

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A Guide To Online Dating

The Very First MindDrip Official Guide to Online Dating

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How to Improve Baseball

According to Turanga Leela of the animated sci-fi comedy Futurama,“Baseball is as boring as mom and apple pie.” Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad (if you even consider those things boring), and most of the time its downright good… but it does have its problems.  Luckily for you, we here at MindDrip have devised a series of solutions to cure what ails “America’s Pastime” once and for all.  We have broken our proposals down into two groups: first come genuine proposals that we feel Major League Baseball could and should realistically adopt, followed by other, less realistic solutions that, while not really feasible, would be incredibly fun if ever pulled off.
So without further adieu, we present to you…


Ways to Improve Major League Baseball

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