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Start the football season now!

The football season needs to start now. I only care about certain sports and right now there is a mind-numbing lack of action on the sporting calendar. Maybe not on everyone’s sporting calendar, but certainly on my personal sporting calendar. The sports that are in-season at the moment are tennis, golf, baseball, NASCAR, and probably some other sports that I don’t care about.

Brian Urlacher, captain of the defensive unit which is our only hope in bringing the evil Green Bay juggernaut to its knees.

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TV Guide

For MindDrip’s latest installment, MF Brown and I discuss our favorite TV shows.  As for my list, the ranking is not intended to be objective in any way.  It merely reflects my own tastes and opinions as they relate to that omnipresent instrument of contemporary culture, the television.  I admit there are probably dozens of good shows I’ve never seen (most importantly The Wire, which I will eventually watch), either because they were before my time, or simply because there isn’t enough time.  That’s the problem with TV, isn’t it?  So entertaining.  So alluring. So addictive.  Yet, for the most part, such a colossal waste of time.

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