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Let’s All Hate The Heat

Why People Hate The Heat and Especially LeBron

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Start the football season now!

The football season needs to start now. I only care about certain sports and right now there is a mind-numbing lack of action on the sporting calendar. Maybe not on everyone’s sporting calendar, but certainly on my personal sporting calendar. The sports that are in-season at the moment are tennis, golf, baseball, NASCAR, and probably some other sports that I don’t care about.

Brian Urlacher, captain of the defensive unit which is our only hope in bringing the evil Green Bay juggernaut to its knees.

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How to Improve Baseball

According to Turanga Leela of the animated sci-fi comedy Futurama,“Baseball is as boring as mom and apple pie.” Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad (if you even consider those things boring), and most of the time its downright good… but it does have its problems.  Luckily for you, we here at MindDrip have devised a series of solutions to cure what ails “America’s Pastime” once and for all.  We have broken our proposals down into two groups: first come genuine proposals that we feel Major League Baseball could and should realistically adopt, followed by other, less realistic solutions that, while not really feasible, would be incredibly fun if ever pulled off.
So without further adieu, we present to you…


Ways to Improve Major League Baseball

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