Let’s All Hate The Heat

Why People Hate The Heat and Especially LeBron

                We apologize here at MindDrip for the extended break from writing.   We’ve been studying for Grad School tests, applying for real jobs, and working full-time.  So, writing has kind of been on the back-burner because we’re lazy.

Anyways, I thought I’d discuss a little why it totally makes sense to hate the Miami Heat.  I’m a Heat fan but I can see why they’re so hated.  In fact, I’d even go as far to call myself a self-hating Heat fan because it’s so easy to see why they’re hated.  I’ve met a surprising amount of big NBA fans who think that all the fan hate towards the Heat is unfounded.  I’ll try my best to break it down the reasons I think the Heat are worthy of the hate.

First off, there was the whole decision debacle.  A friend told me that he thought LeBron was just going to say he was leaving Cleveland because he’s decided to quit basketball and start his baseball career.  That would have been so much better than what really happened.

Real video

The Decision we all had hoped for.

The Decision created a huge backlash against LeBron.  Most people instantly developed enough disgust with LeBron that they immediately hated him and the team he decided on.  LeBron was already one of my least favorite players in the NBA before he joined the Heat but the decision to be so dramatic in his announcement only furthered my hatred for him.  My first problem with The Decision is that it’s a completely narcissistic move to feel like you’re such a special player that you need to have an hour long special to say one sentence: “I am going to sign with the Heat.”  Instead, LeBron needed to make it into an hour long special with a long and intolerably kiss-ass interview before he says “I’m taking my talents to South Beach.” Even though the Heat don’t even play on South Beach.  A second bitch move by LeBron was the fact that LeBron didn’t even tell Cleveland before the show that he wasn’t picking them.   So he made the already painful reality that Lebron was leaving Cleveland even worse for Cleveland fans.

The next point is actually the main factor that I think makes the Heat so hateable.  In my opinion the best reason to hate LeBron is because he chose to leave a team where he was the man to join a team where he could win a bunch of easy championships while even being the definitive best player on his team.  Lebron is widely considered the best player in the NBA and his only true rivals for that crown are Dwight Howard or Dwyane Wade.  He chose to go play with Wade.  Personally, I don’t think it would have been so bad if he’d left to play for Howard because then LeBron would still be the main cog in the offense.  He would still be the man on that team because Howard’s value comes from his excellent defense and tenacious rebounding.  By joining Wade, he is going to play with the player who is most similar to him in skill and athleticism and is his main rival.  I agree with what Michael Jordan had to say on this one.  I’m from the mindset that the elite players should use their superior talent to win titles on their own.  I mean it’s fine if they have a great supporting cast like Tim Duncan and the Spurs but I don’t think it’s good for the game if the best players are leaving their teams to create super teams so they can win easy titles.  It’s like Jordan talked about, if he had decided to leave the Bulls after their postseason struggles early in his career his legacy would be so much less than it is now.  He could’ve pussed out like LeBron and decided to join Larry Bird and the Celtics but he wanted to earn his title while he was still the man of the team.

I don’t really mind that LeBron left the Cavs.  They were his hometown team but the players surrounding him weren’t good and there didn’t seem to be much prospect for things getting better in the future.  Lebron should have picked a team like the Bulls or the Clippers or even the Knicks.  Those teams have players surrounding him that are very good but not on the same level as LeBron.  Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose would be amazing sidekicks for LeBron but not quite good enough that people would question who is the man their teams.  LeBron could have been a legend if he’d brought a title home for the Knicks.  Anyways, LeBron seems like if he was a baseball player he’d take less money to play with the Yankees and win a bunch of championships without having to be the man on his team.

Not exactly the same.

Some people say that what the Heat did is no different than what the Celtics did with Ray Allen, KG, and Paul Pierce.  I disagree with this mainly because the Celtics big three aren’t nearly as good as the Heat’s big three (this is especially true if you consider Chris Bosh to be a superstar, like many people did before last season with the Heat).  KG wasn’t quite in the same league as DWade and LeBron but he was very close for their first year.  Pierce and Allen are about the same as Bosh; the two were probably moderately better in their championship year .  Another reason it’s not the same is that the Celtics big three were all on the downside of the prime of their careers.  They had given it their all to win titles on their own but they weren’t good enough.  Finally, it’s not the same thing because both Ray Allen and KG were traded to the Celtics.  It wasn’t a choice on the player’s part, it was just excellent GM work by Danny Ainge of the Celtics.

The Heat also do things like this before they even accomplished anything.

To conclude, LeBron sucks.  I was probably a little easy on Wade since I like him so much.  I did lose some respect for him because he recruited LeBron to the Heat but it seems different to me since he stayed on his team and was just joined by other players.  Also, he already proved himself by turning in a top 3 or 4 ever performance in the NBA Finals and won a championship as the man on his team.


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