Start the football season now!

The football season needs to start now. I only care about certain sports and right now there is a mind-numbing lack of action on the sporting calendar. Maybe not on everyone’s sporting calendar, but certainly on my personal sporting calendar. The sports that are in-season at the moment are tennis, golf, baseball, NASCAR, and probably some other sports that I don’t care about.

Brian Urlacher, captain of the defensive unit which is our only hope in bringing the evil Green Bay juggernaut to its knees.

One sport that is in season right now that I do care about is track & field. I know it’s not most people’s idea of fun, but I am a big fan of the sport. Unfortunately, however, it is not enough to sustain me. All of the important meets at this time of year are in Europe, and it is difficult to find ways to watch them from my distant vantage point on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean. The next big event on the track calendar is the World Championships, but that doesn’t start until August 27.

The sports I care about besides track and football are basketball and soccer. (I also watch the Tour de France religiously every single year, but I’m not a big enough cycling fan to really follow any of the other big-name races). MLS is in season right now but it’s simply too boring to watch. The European soccer season kicks off in only two weeks, but that takes a lot of effort to watch if like me you have to depend entirely on illegal streaming because you’re 22 years old and too cheap/poor to pay for the soccer channels from your cable company. More significant than that is that I’m an Arsenal fan and so there’s nothing to hope for this year anyways.* As for basketball, the pro season might not happen at all this year and the college season (which still excites me, but less so than the NBA) is a long way off.

Tailgating: the #2 reason why football season needs to start immediately. The #1 reason is boredom and the #3 reason is fantasy.

So there you have it: track & field has only one big event left, basketball might not happen at all, I don’t want to torture myself by watching another Arsenal season, and the other sports all bore me. So football can’t start soon enough! I’ve been bored as hell since last weekend, when both the Tour de France and the Copa America came to an end. And the Women’s World Cup was damn exciting, but it ended two weeks ago.

It’s not that I don’t have other forms of entertainment. I’ve already read two novels during this past week (The Giver and Ender’s Game) and am about to start another (Lolita). I’ve also been watching a lot of movies (Bridesmaids, Pulp Fiction, and Silence of the Lambs) plus a shitload of Seinfeld with some Robot Chicken and South Park sprinkled in. The problem with sports is that they’re intermittent and when they go away we can’t do anything about it besides wait. I’d miss books, movies, and TV if any of them ever went away too. But they don’t and luckily I have access to them whenever I want. Unfortunately sports aren’t like that. All you can do is wait… Let’s Go Bears and let’s go Illini!


[CAUTION!  Only read this incredibly long footnote if you’re a soccer fan, otherwise there is a significant risk you will be bored and possibly confused as well.]

*I know fans of mid-table teams don’t want to hear the complaints from fans of a big, rich team about how their team can’t win anything. Point taken. But that’s not what I’m complaining about. I’m complaining about the fact that my team doesn’t even try to win the league anymore. If Arsenal tried their best to win every single season and still finished 17th every year I’d be happier than the current set-up, in which we finish 4th every year, but aren’t actually to win the league. Finishing close to the top gives the illusion of trying to win the league, but I assure you, 4th place is all the Board of Directors cares about because it pays nearly as well as 1st, but costs a lot less to attain. As for Arsene Wenger, he cares not for winning, but only for his deluded and miserable youth plan. And meanwhile the Board of Directors has the nerve to impose a 6% price increase on tickets at Emirates Stadium this year. Keep in mind that even before that Arsenal had the highest ticket prices of any club in the entire world. And they have the nerve to increase prices even though they haven’t won a damn thing in six seasons and haven’t tried to win a damn thing for three straight seasons now. I refuse to be a part of it.

I made this myself, although it's sort of inaccurate when you remember they use Pounds in England instead of Dollars.


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