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Hello Minddrops (Or maybe Braindrops.  We haven’t decided what to call our followers yet).

The founders of MindDrip are out to help the people, so we thought one way we could do this was by giving out advice.  So if you’ve got a problem or a question that you want a perfect answer for we are the men for the problem.

M.F. Brown has a Doctorate in Psychology, Women’s Studies, Political Science, a Master’s in English with 15 years experience as the advice columnist for the New York Times, allegedly is Oprah’s lover, and mentor to Ask Abby.

Drawing of M.F. Brown, reportedly created by Oprah.

Van Whyte has a Doctorate in Political Science, History, is Washington D.C.’s lead hostage negotiator, is a sports columnist for, and a world-renowned Physician.

Van Whyte

We excel in delivering advice in sports, relationships, politics, entertainment, health, and everything else in the world.

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About MindDrip

This blog is by a couple of freshly graduated young men. It covers sports, politics, everyday life, dating, science fiction, and entertainment. View all posts by MindDrip

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