Let’s All Hate The Heat

Why People Hate The Heat and Especially LeBron

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Attention loyal readers!

The MindDrip crew is currently on a three week sabbatical as we pursue other interests.  Although I am already the world’s most-renowned theoretical physicist, I am currently publishing a report detailing my extensive research on the Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields, which will only increase my stature when complete.  Meanwhile, my associate MF Brown is gearing up for his attempt to break the world record for most women slept with in a 24-hour period.

We know it must be tough, but fear not, for one week of our absence is already gone.

Start the football season now!

The football season needs to start now. I only care about certain sports and right now there is a mind-numbing lack of action on the sporting calendar. Maybe not on everyone’s sporting calendar, but certainly on my personal sporting calendar. The sports that are in-season at the moment are tennis, golf, baseball, NASCAR, and probably some other sports that I don’t care about.

Brian Urlacher, captain of the defensive unit which is our only hope in bringing the evil Green Bay juggernaut to its knees.

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Pornography: Feels Good to be Filthy

                Now we like to run a good, wholesome, family-friendly blog here at MindDrip.  So, no graphic descriptions or images are included in this post.  In what is by far the most heavily researched article to appear on this blog so far, guest writer and renowned porn expert Boondock dives headfirst into the ins and outs of the porn industry.  We assume Mr. Boondock has put aside hours upon hours since somewhere around the age of twelve to research this article.  Without further delay, we’ll let Mr. Porn himself get on with his article, which is long enough to be a novel: Continue reading

Proposed Holidays

If I were in charge, the following days would be fully-recognized, widely-celebrated holidays.  Businesses and schools would be closed, the government would shut down, people would gather with family and friends, and there’d be big cookouts with lots of alcohol.  I already celebrate some of the holidays on this list myself, but it would be much more fun if I could celebrate all of them, especially if lots of other people were doing the same.  They are listed in chronological order. Continue reading

Ask MindDrip

Hello Minddrops (Or maybe Braindrops.  We haven’t decided what to call our followers yet).

The founders of MindDrip are out to help the people, so we thought one way we could do this was by giving out advice.  So if you’ve got a problem or a question that you want a perfect answer for we are the men for the problem.

M.F. Brown has a Doctorate in Psychology, Women’s Studies, Political Science, a Master’s in English with 15 years experience as the advice columnist for the New York Times, allegedly is Oprah’s lover, and mentor to Ask Abby.

Drawing of M.F. Brown, reportedly created by Oprah.

Van Whyte has a Doctorate in Political Science, History, is Washington D.C.’s lead hostage negotiator, is a sports columnist for ESPN.com, and a world-renowned Physician.

Van Whyte

We excel in delivering advice in sports, relationships, politics, entertainment, health, and everything else in the world.

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Political Rounddown: Republican Presidential Candidates

Political Rounddown


  The 2012 presidential election is a mere 16 months away so naturally no one is talking about anything but election news.  At this juncture, Obama would seem like the heavy favorite since he is the incumbent with some national security victories, and he isn’t answerable for anything too disastrous yet.  Unfortunately for him, history tells us he is still very vulnerable because his economic policies aren’t perceived as very strong or successful; the longer the economy (in particular the unemployment rate) continues to flounder, the more Obama’s re-election bid will suffer. Continue reading